It sickens us when looking through the MLS and we see so many great properties with horrible photos. Whether it’s using a basic point-and-shoot camera to get a boring image or even as simple as not shooting the house level (who wants to buy a house that looks crooked?), there are so many classic examples of bad images. Often times an agent shoots the house with his phone, has people in the background or even leaves the toilet seat up.

That being said, we wanted to show you how Donahue & Lee create professional images where others fail. Below we’ve got examples of images where we’ve shown a typical photo that is common on the MLS versus the professional quality that Donahue & Lee is known for. We didn’t use any additional equipment or staging. Sometimes it’s as simple as raising the camera a few feet or even turning the lights on.

The first photo in each category shows you what a typical real estate photo may look like. The second is how Donahue & Lee shoot the same scene.


Ground Level -vs- Aerial

Homes look incredibly more attractive once the camera rises above street level. This can often times show the true scale of a house, rather than just a flat outline of a front yard and porch.


Wide Angle

A wide angle lens can make or break a room hen you are shooting interior photos . Especially in tight spaces where a normal point-and-shoot camera only reflects a small portion of the area, a DSLR and wide angle lens can realistically show the scale of the scene.


Colors & Lighting

We see the world in color. So when showcasing the beauty of a home’s garden, why would we use a dull camera that doesn’t take into account the magnificence of a full color spectrum.Even more important is leaving the image both too dark and too light. It takes a professional real estate photographer to master the exposure and get all aspects of an image in perfect balance.